Spring 2021 Retreat Registration

Thank you, we are excited to see you on Thursday, April 28th, 2021 - Sunday, May 2nd, 2021 in the Mountains of Colorado

2021 Spring Retreat in the Mountains of Colorado

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Divine Sisterhood Mountain Retreat is all about gathering the bits and pieces of the new Golden Age.

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Divine Feminine Sisterhood Mountain Retreat

You are invited to this intimate 4-Day Retreat in Keystone, CO

Thursday, April 21st thru Sunday, April 24th, 2022

What is the Golden Age?

Have you heard the song, "Aquarius - Let the Sunshine In" by The 5th Dimension? 

If you haven’t, check it out where you listen to your music.  

Here are some of the important messages from the song...

‘Harmony and Understanding,

Sympathy and trust abound.

No more falsehoods or diversions.

Golden living dreams of visions,

Mystic crystal revelation and

The mind’s true liberation.’ 

How does this song and the words make you feel?

Are you inspired?

Would you love to live in this energy? 

This energy is just a taste of what is to come in the new Golden Age. 

This Spring Retreat of the Sisterhood will focus on teaching YOU about how to start to transition into these higher energies.

This opportunity hasn’t been available to us for over 10,000 years. 

Now is the time to learn, grow and up level in a beautiful environment with an amazing sisterhood of support and sharing.

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Meet Your Retreat Hostesses

    Amanda Gregg

    Relationship Building Coach and Reiki Master Teacher

    The combination of collecting, what Amanda calls, Self-Leadership Tools, learning Reiki healing techniques and experiencing the glory of God, Amanda has been on a life-long journey of Self-Love. 

    Her experience with connecting with the Divine, practicing Self-Realization Meditation and using oils to heal, Amanda brings a unique blend of mindfulness, movement and energy to the work of Soaring Eagle Healing.

    She is passionate about building strong and resilient relationships with the True Self and Others bringing humanity into the Golden Age on this planet.

    Richelle Marie

    Transformational Coach

    Richelle connects individuals with their Divine Team of Guides and works with past lives. She is committed to the ascension of humanity and teaches personal alchemy for making quantum leaps into the 5th Dimension of living.

    Her greatest desire is to serve individuals on their own spiritual journey into the Golden Age on planet earth.

    Her knowledge, love and passion stretches far and wide, her teachings are inspirational and exciting.  Sometimes the new teachings of this age can be overwhelming, but Richelle brings so much compassion and patience to her teaching that those ready for the message pick up what they need.

What to Expect...

This Retreat Includes:

Mindful Movement

Movements are gentle and awaken your senses each morning and throughout the day. You will begin to practice a routine for you.

Spiritual Transformations

We will be exploring higher level spiritual practices, diving deeper into utilizing your divine guidance team, and Reiki energetics. 

Self-Love Experiences

Choose from various options for one-on-one experiences like energy work, a massage or past life cleansing for an afternoon of pampering.

Outdoor Connections

Take time to integrate and explore what you are learning. Enjoying the hot tub, trails and outdoor spaces.

Special Evening Events

Evening experiences bring the collective together during the retreat to integrate, relax and share space.  Events TBA soon!

Delicious Meals

You will be feeding you body with delicious food and connecting with the spirit of fueling yourself with love.

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When it comes to Personal Safety

We understand that some people that may want to attend the retreat may still feel uncomfortable being in close proximity to others. We will take every precaution to keep you safe by sanitizing your room prior to arrival, plus all of the common areas. The number of attendees will be kept between 8-12, small and intimate. You’ll be required to sign a waiver prior to the retreat stating that you release liability from your hostesses and the other attendees. We will do pre-checks of all attendees upon arrival. Masks will not be required, including the hostesses. You may wear yours, but each individual will have a choice as to whether they wear one or not. The event space is large enough to distance when appropriate. The retreat will also have outside activities and lots of fresh air. 

Keystone, Colorado

Colorado is an amazing state, filled with the beauty of the mountains that holds sacred energy and experiences. 

We invite you to a beautiful home in the midst of Keystone, Colorado. 

We will be in a beautiful area surrounded by trees, beautiful fall leaves and plenty of fresh air. 

This retreat is a women only retreat, accommodations of the home include a hot tube, several outdoor spaces, as well as areas for rest, relaxation and socialization.

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