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Soaring Eagle Healing

Soaring Eagle Healing

Fulfill my purpose in the world to serve people on their journey back to Spirit, Universe, Love, Joy, Peace and God (The Universe).

The Path to Soul Realization

Empowering people to build self-awareness by way of meditation, mindfulness and movement through resources and connection.




Human Design Summary

Recently I have run across Human Design and have started to learn some amazing things about myself, so I wanted to share with you.

Human Design in a Self-Awareness tool, combining information from Astrology, Kabala, I-Ching and Chakras. What I am most interested in sharing - Self-Awareness! Human Design provides you with information on your imprint and more specifically how you make decisions and interact with life.

I want to share this opportunity of giving you a very down to earth summary of your human design, this is meant to give you a structure where you can dig deeper if you so choose. You can use the information from this summary to adjust your habits, routines and ways of being to feel more flow in your life right now. 

If you would like a Human Design Summary prepared for you, please follow the link below. 

No obligation to purchase any other services, just a way to provide you with more information on your journey!

I would like my Human Design Summary

Hey! I am Amanda...lover of Reiki, meditation and dedicated to the journey of life


So lovely to run into you at this juncture in your journey. If you have stumbled upon this website...then you are curious about mindfulness, meditation and maybe you even want to have more movement in your life. Well you have found someone that is passionate about all three and is here to provide you resources, opportunities and ideas to keep you moving along on your own path.

Thanks for joining me here on this ever-changing website (because I am ever-changing)! I consider it a lovely door where I can share, connect and provide resources I have run across on my journey. I also can provide services I have learned along the way to make your journey that much more enjoyable!

Please take some time and see how this website's content could serve you...stay open my friend and enjoy.

In light and love,



Meditation is a practice that brings calm to the body, mind, ego and spirit. The practice of using the breathe and other techniques finds people all over the world dancing with peace, joy and love in every moment of life. Offering less worry, more joy, less anxiety, more life and less anger and more LOVE.

The practice of meditation is unique and sacred to each individual. All that is needed is curiosity for the teachers and information that arises all around you which leads you to your own practice. Paving a path for you to be with you and listen more and more to your own intuition and leadership.

Do Less, Meditate More!

Self Realization Fellowship

Paramahansa Yogananda gives instruction on meditation through a worldwide fellowship. To find out more about this resource

Click here

Meditation Videos

Through the power of YouTube I guide you through short Meditations. To try out your first or 50th meditation

Click here

Reiki Balancing Session

I offer a 45 minute Reiki Session at $1.00 per minute. I bring together movement, mindfulness and meditation. 

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A buzz word these days, but one that has so many implications of increasing awareness around patterns of behavior, emotions and karmic energy. We have the power with the thoughts to build an awareness that contributes to building a life of peace, love and joy. Being with and in mindfulness has so many ways of showing up in life, being open and willing to be willing is all it takes.

Begin with the Beginner's Mind!

Self Leadership Toolkit

Developed by Me (remember I am Amanda), through reading and classes over the course of 13 years. I share tools and resources for you to become more mindful!

To Gain a Copy Email ME (my email is below) with the Subject: "I would love a copy of the Self-Leadership Toolkit!"

Essential Oils

The magic of the earth is available to you with Doterra's Essential Oils. There are so many to choose from, guiding you and providing healthy living on your mindfulness journey.

Click Here to Find Oils

Movement, Mindfulness and Health Class

Beginning Wednesday, September 7th for 7-weeks, I will begin a Movement, Mindfulness and Health Class. This class will be offered in-person at Taspens in Conifer, CO or virtually. 

Click here for info and to Register!


The body is an animal of the spirit that needs love and care. Remembering that we have a body and we are not our body is essential to living a life full of vibrance, enjoyment and fun. Movement daily, no matter how long the duration, is essential to give that love and care that the body needs daily. The body is the souls vessel and the better we care for it, the more we can do while here on earth.

Move the Body Daily!

Movement Videos

On YouTube I have put together a collection of movement classes that are quick and help you relax, revive and rejuvenate. Good for bedtime, wakeful time or anything in between.

Click Here to Start Moving More

Reiki Balancing Sessions

Filled with a little movement, a little meditation and a lot of Reiki. I offer 45 minute sessions ($1 per minute) designed to relax and rejuvenate body, mind and spirit.

Click here to Book Now!

I like to Move It, Move It

Ideas on movement are so vast, the most important thing to remember is start where you are! From forest bathing, to walking/hiking/biking and playing frisbee, the possibilities are endless.

Needs some Ideas -- Email me and I can help


This is the newest section of my website I am exploring. After reading, Sarah Wilson's "This Wild and Precisions Life," I have been lite on fire when it comes to action. This includes action to be a better human, connecting with others and connecting to myself AND contributing to the Climate Change Conversation and Action! In order for any change to occur, we have to be the change we want to see. It is not about if the other person is doing it, it is about if we are doing it.

"Mom, what did you do to eliminate climate change?"


Project Drawdown

This Nonprofit is on the leading edge of researching and coming up with solutions that can turn the Climate Crisis around now!

Click Here to Check out their Climate Solutions 101 Videos!

National Public Radio

The window into the truth. True stories, true fact and true information so you can decide how to respond and engage in your world.

Connect to NPR Now

Be a Earth Hero

A super cool app that shows you your carbon footprint and helps you with things you can do to save the earth! That is literally what we are talking about here from eliminated your use of single use cups, to composting and so much more.

Click Here to Begin

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