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Reiki Empowerment School

Soaring Eagle Healing Reiki Empowerment School is all about bringing the teachings of Reiki together with the opening and the connection with your own self, truth, and love. 

Reiki is a connection to Life Force Energy and the practice of it for yourself extends far beyond into the universe.

Some immediate results of learning Reiki include:

--Feeling a Connection to Energy that Surrounds You in Your Life

--Finding a Calming Place for Yourself and Others for Healing

--Reducing the effects of Stress on Your Body daily

--Strengthening and Creating A Relationship with You, Others and the Divine

--Connecting with a Divine Guidance Team that Strengthens the Connection to Reiki

You can make your own custom schedule with upcoming trainings. 

You can take them consecutively or take some time in between – it is all up to you.

At this time, all level trainings will be taught in-person outside in nature in the Mountains of Colorado.  

**Please note: If you live elsewhere and would like to learn this teaching, let's chat and see how we could make a virtual class work for you!**

Class Materials are included in the price of the Level Trainings:

---Level Manual Book and materials

---Soaring Eagle Reiki Empowerment School Workbook

---Certificate of Level Completion

---On-Going Support

Ready to Get Started!

Apply for Level Training Here!

Reiki Level I and Level II Training


Learn and Practice Level I (Self) and Level II (Others) of Reiki.

  • Each Level is 5 Hours 

  • All need Materials included

  • In-Person in Colorado

  • Apply Now!

    Advanced Reiki Master Training


    Learn and Practice advanced symbols of Reiki and connect deeper with energy.

  • Advanced Level is 7 Hourst

  • All Materials Included

  • In-Person in Colorado

  • Virtual Classes Available for all Levels

  • Apply Now!

    What Are People Saying about Reiki Empowerment School...

    "Learning Reiki has opened me up even more to connecting deeply with my spirituality."

    ~Reiki Empowerment School Student~

    "I loved how the classes of Level I and Level II Reiki built on each other. The first class being all about Reiki and me and the other about Reiki and sharing it with others. I appreciated I could customize the classes times to feel into my own readiness to learn each level."

    ~Reiki Empowerment Student~

    "I have realized that incorporating Reiki into my everyday has been life changing and has been a gateway to learning other modalities of healing too!"

    ~Reiki Empowerment Student~

    About Your Reiki Master Teacher

    Amanda Gregg

    Amanda began her journey with Reiki in December of 2017. She was so intrigued with the healing modality that she quickly took all the Levels and enjoyed every moment of it.

    She began by practicing on anyone that was interested and quickly learned the power of Reiki healing on an individual and global level.

    Her passion is to not only to provide one-on-one Reiki Sessions to individuals regularly, but to also teach others this modality so they can use it for themselves and share it with their communities.

    Her strong belief is that Reiki is a gateway to the beyond, opening, strengthening and growing LOVE for the Divine.

    Sincerely in Service and Love,

    Amanda Gregg